Robert Pattinson Moved Out, All ‘Angry’ And ‘Heartbroken’

People magazine has confirmed that Robert Pattinson moved out, far away from the apartment he shared with Kristen Stewart. Actually, we don’t know if he officially moved out, but he did leave.

A “source” said “I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” and mentioned that Rob is “heartbroken and angry.”

Do we really need sources to tell us these things? WOW, I’m so surprised that Robert Pattinson is sad after his girlfriend cheated on him with a married man. He’s probably questioning forgiving her because he’d constantly be wondering if his ball hairs were grey enough for her.

Supposedly after her apology, Robert told a friend that she should have only called him and Liberty Ross (Rupert Sanders’ wife) instead of going public with the announcement.

This is extra problematic for Kristen because people already hated her before this, back when they had no reason besides that she’s bad at fake-smiling and not wearing Converse on the red carpet.

3 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson Moved Out, All ‘Angry’ And ‘Heartbroken’

  1. Why would people hate her just because she don’t wear converses on the red carpet BELLA her character wears converses not her and people don’t really care if she can’t fake smile….


    1. I don’t personally hate Kristen Stewart, I’ve always been a fan BUT I do see a lot of people making fun of her for making faces/frowning and always wearing sneakers.


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