Hey, Instead Of Congratulating Gabby Douglas, Let’s Make Fun Of Her Hair!

A few short bus-riding red helmet-wearing individuals have decided that 16-year-old Gabby Douglas, the second black gymnast to ever make the U.S. women’s Olympic team and first to win all-around gold, is shameful for having “bad hair.”

An article on Yahoo! confirmed many members of the African-American community’s opinion. One person wrote, “Gabby Douglas is cute and all…but that hair…on camera,”

Another said “I know that every black female looked at Gabby Douglas’s hair and asked Why? Just why?”

Hey assholes… First of all, I know there’s a lot of pressure that I could never understand for black women to have straight shiny hair and weaves and wigs and all this stuff, but she looks great.

I see my own mane as course and lion-like, while somebody in the farthest corner of the earth might envy it. This is a case of people who hate their own hair, bitter over seeing an unashamed person keeping it natural in front of 35 million sets of eyes.

Secondly, with two gold medals, she’s achieved more than you ever will.
She’s adorable. If you having nothing better to do than criticize her hair and perpetuate a stereotype that everyone needs to be some whitewashed poseur, you should preheat your oven to 400,° wait 20 minutes, and climb the fuck inside.

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