Sharon Leaving AGT Because NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ Rejected Jack Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne was suspected to be leaving NBC America’s Got Talent last week after she tweeted to fellow judge Howard Stern “My darling @HowardStern, money is not the reason I’m not returning to @nbcagt, it’s because…”

Well, now we know the “because.”

The celebrity military competition show Stars Earn Stripes, also on NBC, turned down her son Jack because the “rigors of the show were too intense for him,” (because of his multiple sclerosis) according to the producer.

“I just can’t be fake, It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled,” she told the NY Post. “It’s time to move one. They can’t make me do something I don’t want to do, all they can do is stop me from being a judge on another network for five years.” 

It’s kind of ridiculous for her to leave NBC just because they didn’t allow Jack Osbourne to compete on some crappy reality show that isn’t AGT. She should probably be thanking the producers for rejecting him (it’s not like anybody’s going to watch it).

The producers didn’t want to be liable for any potential risks, but they didn’t consider the much more serious wrath of a hot-headed British mother.

They really should’ve known she wouldn’t hesitate to fire herself after that whole fiasco with The Talk.

What do you think?

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