‘Ye Shares His Spotlight With Kim in New Video

World-famous butt-haver Kimmie K showed up all hooded up in Ye’s new vid achieving her best acting role yet – not being the center of attention.

Her three-second cameo appearance is in DJ Khaled’s, Rick Ross’ and Kanye’s new music video I Wish You Would/Kanye’s Cold, directed by Hype Williams.

This low-key cameo comes hot on the heels of news that Kim allegedly spends around CA$102,650 a year on her camera-ready appearance, according to Heat Magazine. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering she use to look like an entirely different race.

Everyone knows the main prerequisites for dating ‘Ye is having a big ass, but not just any big ol’ ass. Them cushions need maintenance in order to be his “perfect bitch”.

Kim visits luxury spas twice a month with facials, and uses laser cellulite removal, possibly to maintain her academic dream of being US Weekly’s “Best Beach Bodies” cover girl.
Her super long lashes aren’t from being an exotic Armenian beauty, Kim gets weekly eyelash extensions to accompany her signature squint.

According to a recent chat with Oprah, Kim admitted to having “everything lasered”. Too much info for too little talent.

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