Taking Advice From The Founder Of Crocs: When In Doubt, Blame Taylor Swift

The shoe company Crocs was unnecessarily founded by three people. One of them said “let’s take the backs off” another added “let’s put holes in them!” and the third said “let’s make them ugly.”

It’s true too.

It turns out one of the founders, like his shoes, is hilariously crazy.

Some people are just scary crazy, and worthy of your fear, but George Boedecker seems like a fun guy to hang out with. Last weekend he was discovered by the police passed out in front of his Porsche. So wasted in fact, that the medics plainly called him “drunk as crap.” 

When questioned by the authorities about his vehicle, and possibly driving under the influence, he told them that his “fucking famous” girlfriend Taylor Swift had been driving but ran off on him.

They asked where she went and he pointed to a field and said “Nashville.” He also told them that he has “17 fucking homes,” which is apparently a reason for them to not give him a DUI (he was charged with one anyway).

“I know my fucking rights…go fuck yourselves in the ass,” said the guy who made people think it was okay to wear purple backless shoes in public. You’d think he’d be more charming/convincing.

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