Paris Hilton For Russian GQ, Doing What She Excels At

Paris Hilton is topless in Russian GQ for their September issue. I would call it “tasteful,” but I don’t think that’s doing much justice. This is a girl who entered fame the way most of us enter the world: naked.

We don’t want tasteful Paris because, as humans, we are inherently fearful of change.

The girl who once asked if they make walls at Wal-Mart is sticking to what she does best – being topless.

New talents include riding a carousel with her mouth open, lying on a bed with her mouth open, letting people put cigarettes in her open mouth, and covering her boobs with her mouth closed.

The day Paris makes us call her DJ Loosemuffin and wears a monocle while riding a carousel is the day I die happy. 

Here are some more pictures of Paris in GQ Russia to take comfort in. Comfort that Paris is as wonderfully trashy in 2012 as she was in 2003.

What do you think?

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