Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [8-30-12]

Roger Ebert LOVED The Possession. Hmm, maybe I will see it. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Email my heart. Guess how John Mayer let Katy Perry down? (Evil Beet)

Anorexic Disney characters galore. Again. Poor Minnie. (Yahoo!)

This clergyman feels sorry for Jerry Sandusky, calls young boys “seducers.” (Daily News)

Cameron Diaz turns 40. Stills looks 30. (E! Online)

Excaliber gym staff member told Gabby Douglas to get a nose job. (Jezebel)

Celebrity anagrams that make sense, for instance, Mel “Big Melons” Gibson. (Unreality)

Lifetime’s latest images of Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor. (ABC)

Andy Roddick is retiring after 11 years of tennis. (Deadspin)

Seven hilariously true things from Paul Ryan‘s convention speech. (Gawker)

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