Aggressive Momager Kris Jenner’s Bikini Body

Fierce grizzly bear guardian of the Calabasas Kardashian-Jenner klan Kris Jenner showed off her 56-year-old bikini body in the Australian celebrity news magazine New Idea.

Airbrushed or not, you have to admit, the lady looks pretty good and isn’t harboring spikes or scales underneath her flowing sarong, which is a bonus.

Madonna just turned 54 and despite her diet, yoga addiction and nightly lotion sleeping bag ritual I’d much rather switch bodies with Kris Jenner or Dana Delany (also 56), or 60-year-old Christine Baranski.

Sorry, just a short list of people who have less frightening bodies than Madonna.

I could go on and on but instead I’ll let you go back to feeling bad about hoping you look as good as the universal symbol of cougar-y attention whores when you’re older. She did have six children, it’s perfectly natural to be jealous.

3 thoughts on “Aggressive Momager Kris Jenner’s Bikini Body

  1. She trying too hard to be her daughters. She needs to be proud of a healthy body but don’t be flaunted it like you are a model. Plus, surgeries?! Why can’t she be a normal mom who cares for her family not just herself and her checkbook. And FYI, the young girls are way too provocative in their clothing choices…too short, too low. They are still kids!!! Not even 18 and in this day 18 is still a kid, legal adult or not, way more to learn and grow up. I think she’s sending the wrong message. She uses the ‘f’ word in front of her children and grandchildren on national t.v.—imagine when the cameras are off?!! I think she should just be proud, age gracefully, continue to dress well and enjoy life…stop acting like a 20 something. Also, can anyone else see how NON secure Kim is with herself. Jumping from one guy to the next and flaunting her new boy toy while still being married…great role model. Seriously?! Now her style even revolves around her new guy. She can’t be herself because she’s too self involved with her ‘image’….and yes, she still wears fake eyelashes…another lie. How did Kourt and Khloe end up semi down to earth?! Props to them.


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