The Best Of ‘Dog Shaming,’ On Tumblr

A Tumblr page dedicated to dogs standing next to handwritten confessions (everything from crayon addictions to eating the crotch out of jeans to stealing ice cream from children), is doing well this month.

So well that it spawned a Cat Shaming site, which is not nearly as funny. 

Until the Al Roker-suggested domain name “” gets snatched up, here are some of the best photos from Laugh or bark to your heart’s content…

To be fair, who hasn’t at least wanted to eat an entire block of cheese? Remember George’s quote on Seinfeld: “I was free and clear. I was living the dream.”

“I was stripped to the waist eating a block of cheese the size of a car.”

2 thoughts on “The Best Of ‘Dog Shaming,’ On Tumblr

  1. They will never say whoever beguiled me to do whatever. They take full responsibility for their actions. The dog looks the way they do in response to the owner reading their body language.


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