Amanda Bynes Plays Nice With A Photographer

Just two days after telling People that she’s “doing amazing,” never drinks, and is moving to New York for a career in fashion, Amanda Bynes is being accused of scratching a photographer.

An eyewitness told E! that it happened around 6 p.m. outside a Mexican restaurant in West L.A. Video obtained by ET shows Amanda repeatedly putting her hands up after an especially aggressive member of the paparazzi started flashing his camera at her.

After trying to convince him to delete some of his photos, saying things like “Let’s get along, I like your shirt” and “You have delete that one of my face… I have to look beautiful” (I’m not making this up, watch the video), she runs away. 

At one point, he says that she dug her nails into his neck, which is not visible. He talks to Amanda like she’s a monkey at the zoo that he’s trying to coax out of a corner (he is not good with animals).
It’s very hard to watch, in fact, I’m pretty sure I feel bad for her.

Read: Amanda Bynes loses agent, publicist and lawyer.

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