‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer Finally Shows Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In Motion

The trailer for the latest movie Lindsay Lohan is using as a vehicle to revitalize her career is out. You know, the one that won’t be in theaters, where she plays sad, unglamorous low-budget Lifetime Elizabeth Taylor? Liz & Dick.

My favorite part of this 30-second collage of crazy Lindsay pretending to be crazy someone else is when she’s asked, or rather told, that she just ended her fourth marriage and she (Lohanibeth) snidely responds with a gasp and a “Who’s counting?!”

It’s especially funny because that would probably her actual reply to a person who brought up the number of times she’s been arrested, though maybe she’s actually forgotten (we all have, is it 6 or 16?).

Second favorite line: “They drink, they fight, they fornicate…”

Good thing Taylor was a smoker.

What do you think?

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