Joseph Gordon-Levitt Spoofs ‘Magic Mike’

Tumblr is lighting up with GIFs of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s second visit to NBC Studios for Saturday Night Live because of a half-naked tribute to Magic Mike.

“You know what my favorite superhero movie of the summer was? Magic Mike. I’m serious, my friend Channing Tatum was so good in that…” 
“And you know what my favorite part of Magic Mike was? This part,” Levitt said before breaking into an energetic striptease.

At one point, he was accompanied by Taran Killam, Jay Pharaoh and a non-shirtless Bobby Moynihan while the dubstep version of “It’s Raining Men” from Steven Soderbergh’s film played.
I have to tell a story. Last Christmas Eve my brother invited his two roommates over for dinner, and there was a non-judgmental conversation about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s sexuality where his first SNL monologue (in 2009) was discussed…
They insisted that no straight man would dress, sing, and dance like JGL. And I was like “NO WAY” (even though I love gay men, I don’t want to reinforce the stereotype that ALL Broadway dudes play for Zachary Quinto’s softball team, plus I really want him to date Zooey Deschanel, or me).
I’m still not saying that he’s gay, but this admittedly homoerotic dance is not helping my case, and I knew that as soon as he starting doing the worm and shooting confetti out of his crotch.
Click HERE to watch the full video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a skinny, dance-clone of Channing.

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