18-Year-Old Brooke Shields Smoked Pot With Bad Brains

Here’s a picture that might humanize child actress and model Brooke Shields. Her smoking pot with H.R. (“Human Rights”) from the D.C. punk band Bad Brains at age 18, in 1983.

The photo has been floating around on Tumblr for a few months but wasn’t publicly acknowledged by Shields or Bad Brains’ camps until recently when it was posted on Twitter by a David Hill, who wrote that he’s “positive” it’s her. 

Brooke’s rep told The Huffington Post that “It isn’t her,” while Bad Brains’ manager says:

“It’s her. This would be from 1983. Hair length, and H.R. missing that tooth he knocked out hitting a huge stage divider pole at the Reggae Lounge. Brooke would have been around 18, maybe still a Ford model.”

I also think it’s her. She’s got that signature curl, eyebrows and Italian/Blue Lagoon tan.

It was 29 years ago, Emmeline, loosen up and admit it. We won’t judge, we’re still mad over Fiona Apple’s hash arrest.

What do you think?

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