27-Year-Old NFL Cheerleader/English Teacher Admits She Had A ‘Romantic Relationship’ With A High School Student

The teacher Andy Samberg’s character slept with in That’s My Boy could almost be based on Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, who recently plead guilty to sleeping with a 17-year-old.

Jones, 27, taught the boy at northern Kentucky high school early in 2011 and began an explicit relationship with him that involved sexting and actual sex.

Because of a plea deal, Sarah will spend absolutely no time in jail (because that would totally happen if it were a 27-year-old guy). On Monday, October 8 she left the courthouse holding hands with her now 18-year-old former student.

A happy ending, for him? Unless all that stuff about her having multiple venereal diseases from sleeping with every player in Cincinnati was true. But she’s a millionaire, so I’m sure she can afford a his and hers antibiotic lockers.

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