Every Halloween Costume Kim Kardashian Ever Wore [PHOTOS]

Wonder Woman (2008), a flapper, and her most famous costume, Aladdin’s Jasmine (both in 2009)

Kim Kardashian recently tweeted a photo of her in a leopard costume with a mesh front and wrote, “Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping.” She actually wore that exact same thing in 2010 so who knows if she dug it out of her closet or simply forgot.

Sometimes I wonder if having an ass that big is a kind of disability, not only for balance but because it’s possible that the blood flow is concentrated in that area like a boner. If she uses more than two brain cells the glorious thing might deflate. 

As a witch and Poison Ivy in 2011 and Snow White at Kendall’s 2009 bday party

Anyway, Kim is almost as into Halloween as she’s into herself. She just happens to take that whole draw-attention-to-myself-with-outrageously-revealing-outfits thing a step further…

Kim in 2009 as Catwoman, with Kourtney, and in her recycled leopard costume in 2010

What do you think the odds of Kim Kardashian wearing a mask that covers more than her eyes on October 31st are? ZERO. Odds that nothing will be covered: PUT ALL MONEY YOUR ON IT.

In 2010, as a pirate, Red Riding Hood and the Queen of doofy athlete and rapper Hearts

One more question, how big of a check does she get from Frederick’s of Hollywood each year?

A [much] more innocent time. Don’t ask me if Kim’s the pumpkin, ghost, or skeleton

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