Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Don’t Care That You’re Sick Of Hearing About Them

Kristen Stewart flashed her armpits at Robert Pattinson after having lunch with him and friends in Hollywood on Monday.

So we can put this discussion away forever right? The constant wondering if they’re back together and why isn’t he dating your Twihard ass instead of her.

They were also spotted by TMZ celebrity birdwatcher types having drinks at the hipstery Ye Rustic Inn pub on Sunday.

Can you imagine Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson walking in to the bar you’re in? Get over the initial shock of seeing two very famous people and think of yourself and your needs. 

There’d be a photographer in your lap, resting his Nikon in your chicken wings and another behind you grazing your hair with a Canon. It’s a lot like a gangbang that you’re not getting paid for.
Unless of course you see them first, then you pick up the cell phone and get a paycheck for your lucky ye olde rustic circumstance. Okay, it’s EXACTLY like a gangbang.

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