Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video

When someone showed me this “Fatty Boom Boom” video, I legit thought it was a real Lady GaGa video. The transvestite is surprisingly accurate.

South African hip hop/rave/rap group Die Antwoord has yet another bizarre video, but due to their newfound international fame, the band is incorporating some American media.

Fatty Boom Boom is actually their lightest most colourful work considering most of their videos take place in dumpsters and the crevice between your ballsack and upper thigh. 

Die Antwoord is known for butt-shiftingly strange videos like “Baby’s on Fire” and “I Fink U FREEKY”. Fatty Boom Boom does not disappoint. Die Antwoord identifies their style as “Zef” music, Zef being an Afrikaans term which loosely translates to the culture of South African working class whites.

In the Fatty Boom Boom video, Gaga is on a bus tour of an exaggerated downtown Johannesburg (or a shitty part of Cape Town). Cheetahs, lions and hyenas laze around while a meat dress-clad GaGa looks exhausted. The bus gets hijacked and GaGa runs.

As usual the band is in some ridiculous over the top garb, this time Ninja and alien sex pot Yo-Landi Vi$$er are in head to toe in “traditional” African body paint and grass skirts. The signature black eye contacts are in place to scare the shit out of you.
At one point Yo-Landi (the girl) is wearing black face, but no one can get mad at her because we have no idea if the girl is an African albino or just a really pale white girl. Plus she has a serious case of jaundice causing her glowing yellow eyes.

Meanwhile tranny GaGa goes to a “Dentist + Gynaechologist” because her cooch itches. The most graphic part of this clip is not the bug they pull out of her vagina, but the white sludge that whips onto the lion calendar on the wall.

Gaga’s meat dress becomes the end of her as a lion eats her alive and blood spatters everywhere.
As an internet writer, I think that video was kind of mean, considering Die Antwoord and GaGa use the EXACT SAME shock tactics and have equal amounts of talent.

4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Gets Live STD and Eaten by Lion in New Die Antwoord Video

  1. Die Antwoord does it again! The whole video is a parable of Western consciousness of Africa as a third world dump but what Western society doesn’t know comes back to bite and eat it in the end. Great video.


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