Chevy Chase Said The N-Word While Making A Point About Not Saying It?

Chevy Chase, apparently fed with his small-minded character on the set of Community, said something like “What’s next? Am I gonna say the word ni**er?”

Later Chase apologized to the cast and crew and is probably not an actual racist since he reportedly once marched in the civil rights movement.

But when is it okay to say the n-word, if ever?

I don’t think white people should say it at all unless maybe they’re doing a live reading of Huckleberry Finn to an understanding adult audience.

And in that context, there’s a deeper point about racism and the meaning in general. 

In other words, don’t utter sentences like “nobody should say the word ni**er.” Being the asshole to tell Chevy “Uh, boss, you just said it,” is never fun.

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