Honey Boo Slaps Dr. Drew, Falls Asleep, Says She ‘Hates’ Her Fans

Extra grumpy Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child star Alana Thompson has been making the rounds on talks shows and every time it’s the same thing: her mother trying and failing to conduct the interview while she (Alana) makes noises, looks around, and flaps her arms.

People have been wondering if the fame is getting to her, when really you can blame TLC’s editing. Child who is famous for her hyperactivity goes on Jimmy Kimmel with the attention span of… a seven-year-old.

Do you like being on TV?: “NO!” answers Thompson, “Fans come up to me and I hate it.”

Before this quote, from a sit-down with Dr. Drew that airs later today, Boo Boo pretended to be asleep to avoid having to talk to Pinsky. A method I’m sure many others before her wish they’d tried.

Watch her almost knock the glasses off his nose. Oh well, at least she’s a liberal, voting for Obama and completely pro-gay rights. #RedneckognizeChange

Fake snorting sounds are the basis of many a good childhood joke. Honestly, who can’t relate to this?

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