A Special Message About Hurricane Sandy, From Lindsay Lohan

The death toll in the Caribbean reached 69 yesterday as Hurricane Sandy made its way to the heavily populated areas of the East Coast, flooding homes and businesses and cutting power after the Con Edison explosion.

For all the people who either left their homes or are sitting in near darkness with battery-powered radios and candles, Lindsay Lohan some advice for you.

“WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i’m calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace,” ultra sympathetic Lindsay tweeted Sunday night.

Ankle bracelet Buddha’s pearls of wisdom were noticed by none other than Tara Reid, who responded to another lighthearted renaming (“Hurricane Sassy”) of the disaster by Lohan.

Reid, from a verified account, wrote “be safe lindsey!” Pay no attention to the “e” instead of “a” in her name, train wrecks of a feather stick together. Sassy Hurricane Sally is a Mean Girl, and Lindsay and Tara are ready to face her, after they cure their hangovers, of course.
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I’m all about not causing widespread panic, but after hearing that two parents were killed by a falling tree while their children were in the car, I’d have to tell Lindsay to go for a swim in the New York Stock Exchange wearing only the heavy prop jewelry from Liz & Dick.

If the responses from her followers didn’t quite agitate you enough, listen to Lindsay’s song “Bossy.” It’s sure to explain her behavior and simultaneously send you over the edge.

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