Actress Claims She Had An Emotional Affair With Patrick Swayze

You’d probably have a hard time blindly guessing which leading lady had a non-sexual affair with Patrick Swayze, so I’ll just tell you that it’s Kirstie Alley and not Jennifer Grey or Demi Moore.

Even though Swayze is not alive to defend himself, we don’t have to assume that Alley is telling the truth. Quite the opposite in fact, this is the perfect time to say you had a strong mental connection with one of the most swoonworthy men in history. 

This all came about during an interview with ET when Fat Actress said she romantically bonded with Patrick during the filming of the 1985 civil war miniseries North and South.

Patrick, after hearing that Alley wants his nuts

He’d married Lisa Niemi ten years earlier, in 1975, while she’d gotten hitched to her second husband, Parker Stevenson in 1983.

We were creating a future together. Both of us were married. We did not have an affair. But again, I think what I did was worse. Because I think when you fall in love with someone when you’re married, you jeopardize your own marriage and their marriage. It’s doubly bad.

This is especially interesting because she’s been sharing details about another significant 80’s and 90’s actor while on the same promotion trail for her husband-stealing book, The Art of Men.

Ms. thang dreaming of a Patrick and John sandwich while married to poor third-string Hardy Boy Parker Stevenson

“Believe me, it took everything that I had, inside, outside, whatever, to not run off and marry John [Travolta]. And be with John for the rest of my life,” she told Barbara Walters for a 20/20 segment.

Alley was friends with Dirty Dancing widow Niemi and even spoke at the funeral in 2009. When Lisa heard the news, she [I assume] laughed or felt sorry the woman she used to be on speaking terms with.

Where everybody knows your name, and they’re never glad you came clean…

Fast-forward to 8:34 minute mark for a scene with the rumored non-penetrating lovers.

It’s not on YouTube, but in that same scene Swayze (whose conservative character hates Alley’s) says “Shut up, shut your mouth and get back to your ni**er husband where you belong.” 

Random stills from North and South, because, why not.

One thought on “Actress Claims She Had An Emotional Affair With Patrick Swayze

  1. well its all out now about swayze’s abusive wife so if he did its her fault . she was physically abusive to him threw shit at him hit him with stuff and she also cheated through the whole marriage on him with men and woman a man can only take so much how he put up with it all those years is beyond me. all i know is he was a beautiful man inside and out and she did not appreciate it.


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