Chris Brown Is ‘Uplifting Humanity,’ and His Balls

Chris Brown talks with Prestige Magazine about all the good things he’s been up to, like charity, and painting.

(He started with “bad stuff” like graffiti, but has moved on to classy art books from the library).

He refers to himself as “the artist” Chris Brown not once, but twice.

Infuriating quote #1:

As a 23-year-old young entertainer, I want the world to see my art and hopefully be inspired by it, promote positivity with what I do now – with painting, with fashion, with directing, with creativity as far as videos and cinema.

I want to have people admire that and hopefully have people follow in my footsteps

Infuriating quote #2:

I’ve been involved with [those] since I was 15, 16. It’s not about recognition, because that’s not what satisfies me. The satisfaction is people that are getting helped or are benefitting from whatever I donate, whatever I contribute to their lives. I don’t like it to be publicised. If there are cameras around, it’s cool. But I do it from the heart. When I go on TV and do my videos, that’s the artist Chris Brown.

But when I go and do [charity work] it’s just me – it’s just Christopher.

Infuriating quote #3:

Symphonic Love does programmes in schools, like with my school back home. Musical programmes and helping kids with disabilities. I do a lot of stuff with Best Buddies that coexists with that. The name comes from a tattoo that I’ve got [runs hand across his chest] – something that’s over my heart right now. So my heart is where it’s at.

The tattoo “symphonic love” encompasses the positivity of what I’m trying to do – uplifting humanity.

Dressing like a terrorist, beating women and breaking shit at Good Morning America? Again, the only thing he’s uplifting are the wannabe-Michael-Jackson balls he’s cupping.

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