Video: Ke$ha – “Die Young”

I just realized that I’ve never really seen Ke$ha dance before now. I’ve seen her fall down and dance her way back up, Hilton Gangbang Style in “Tik Tok,” but never a full routine.

And “Die Young” (which I legit love) has that! A Ke$ha dance routine. She’s probably done it before, but my mind is pretty swissy right now/always, so forgive me. 
Watch now to see queen Elizabarf coming out of a car with a sheet over her head and little to no clothes. So much hypocrisy, so little modesty. <3
She looks like Amanda Bynes in this picture, perfect because I highly doubt that it’s safe to share the highway (or a drink) with either.
Read: Ke$ha’s Hairy Website, Put Your Beard In My Mouth

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