SNL Covers Claire Danes’ Wobbly Chin and Damian Lewis’ Voice in ‘Homeland’ Spoof

Yesterday’s episode of Saturday Night Live was mostly delightful partly in thanks to a parody (watch HERE) of Showtime’s CIA/terrorist thriller Homeland, which won three Emmys in September, including Best Drama.

Host Anne Hathaway presented us with a hilariously over-the-top caricature of Carrie Mathison, the highly intuitive but emotionally disturbed agent played by Claire Danes on the hit show.

Bill Hader acted as subtle Saul Berenson, while Taram Killam did an accurate voice portrayal of Mathison’s ginger nemesis and part-time lover, Damian Lewis. 

If you don’t have no idea what I’m talking about because you don’t watch Homeland, I suggest you use your noggin. You either sell your soul for a premium cable subscription or piracy. DECIDE.
Other SNL highlights included Drunk Uncle, Kate McKinnon as Ellen DeGeneres (from shaky chins to sideways mouths: Hathaway delivers spot-on Katie Holmes impression) and “Girlfriends Talk Show” with newbies Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant.
Rihanna’s multimedia performance of “Diamonds” was basically a PowerPoint presentation from the early 90s. Haven’t seen a peace signs in awhile (I wasn’t missing them). “Stay” was better.
Low point: The Legend of Mokiki. Its desire to be a digital short or Mr. Peepers reeked.

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