Lance Armstrong Lays Unphased and Godlike Amidst Winning Jerseys

Lance Armstrong has decided to step down from his cancer-support charity Livestrong just two days after a Twitter post that included a photo of him lying on a couch with his feet up, basking in the glory of his seven Tour de France jerseys.

Never mind that he’s been stripped of his titles and forced away from the charity he founded 15 years ago, he’s been keeping himself busy with the ironic tweets. 

Other favorites include “Hangin’ in there” (a pic of Lance upside down on an inversion table) on Nov. 5 and “Alive and well in Hawaii” on Oct. 29, for those who thought the scandal actually killed him.

Lance stares at his jerseys like they’re 62-inch flatscreens as he’s fanned by palm leaves held by naked women covered in bike grease (who do you think took the picture?). Way to troll the trolls.

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