Video: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – “Do It With A Rockstar”

Until today, I didn’t have a clue who Amanda Palmer was. But that’s not entirely true because I’m a Dresden Dolls fan (“Coin-Operated Boy,” “Good Day”), enough of a fan to have seen them in concert, but not enough of one to know that Palmer is one-half of the duo and lead vocalist. 

I’ve been reading exchanges between her and brilliant writer husband Neil Gaiman, hearing about her record label issues and Kickstarter fund for the past few months, still not realizing who she was and too busy eating Mellowcremes to Wiki her.

It took the video for a song from her solo album (the one she raised $1.2 million to fund), Theatre is Evil, to get it through my thick skull. The song is really good, the video is pretty out there.

Intellectual adult film star Stoya makes a NSFW appearance as the lady doing it with a rockstar.

If you’re interested in reading about how it was made click HERE (armpit hair growth log not included).

Christina Hendricks’ slightly less stacked, hipster twin? Alternate title: “Do it With a Porn Star.”

What do you think?

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