5 Things To Know About Lindsay Lohan’s New Half-Sister

The results for a paternity test involving a woman Michael Lohan had an affair with in 1994 are here.

It turns out, Lindsay Lohan does have a half-sibling in 17-year-old Ashley Horn.

This all went down on The Trisha Goddard Show, but since there were swabs involved, Maury Povich just had to make a “special guest” appearance.

In an interview before the big reveal, Michael denies ever having contact with the daughter of Kristi Horn Kaufmann but literally nobody believes him because he’s a Lohan, and lying comes as easily to them as being unreliable and drinking vodka out of troughs. 

Here are five things to know about Lindsay’s newly discovered sister:

  1. Her and her mother claim to not be interested in money, Ashley says she’d rather not a part of the “Lohan train wreck”
  2. Has lived in both Texas and Montana (her mother works as a massage therapist)
  3. Michael reportedly was “on a break” from Dina at the time of conception. He postponed taking the test for many years, but now says he hopes his other kids will get to know her
  4. Articles from Ok! and In Touch reveal photos of Ashley when she was 13, who indeed looked a fair amount like her other older brunette sister, Ali
  5. She’s an aspiring pop star who went into a Houston studio to record a few tracks just last year

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