Oprah To Peddle Organic Veggies and Beauty Products

Oprah Winfrey has tackled television, movies and magazines and is now planting her pitchfork firmly in the organic food industry.

Documents dug up by the New York Post show that she is deciding on the names “Oprah’s Organics,” “Oprah’s Harvest” and “Oprah’s Farm” for her new business

Edibles will be grown in Hawaii and will spawn beverages, salad dressing, frozen vegetables, soup, and snack dips.

And, she’s not only going to be stepping on Paul Newman’s toes, but Burt’s Bees as well.

Beauty products like soaps, shower gels, lotion, shampoo, oils and skin care cream are also on the menu and I’d be very surprised if Oprah’s beaming face wasn’t on every bottle.

Surprisingly, she’s not even listed as one of the top 20 richest women in America. 

Oprah’s 1,000 acre plotfood in Kula, Hawaii. Warning – product may contain horse meat

Perhaps overpriced Hawaiian carrot sticks and Dr. Peppermint lip balm will change that?

3 thoughts on “Oprah To Peddle Organic Veggies and Beauty Products

  1. The picture is wonderful. :D As a great fan of organic food I welcome Oprah’s initiative and I hope it will definitely increase its popularity among people who are not yet convinced about its quality. However, I always try to find as much information as possible, positive as well as negative, and I have to admit that certain facts I’ve learnt recently make me think more about the choices I make every day and now I completely subscribe to the theory that not every aspect of conventional agriculture should be subject to criticism.


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