The Sadist in All of us Can Appreciate ‘Killer Karaoke’ with Steve-O

Steve-O is the host of a new show where regular people are thrown into Jackass-type scenarios, while singing.

Killer Karaoke on TruTV dips its harmonizing contestants into snake tanks, slaps them with fish, removes their body hair, and forces them to navigate through the “cactus maze.”

Other tasks that include scorpions, air horns, trap doors and maggots.

Sounds like the best TV show ever, huh? The New York Times certainly thinks so (“No other phrase will do”). Based on ITV1’s Sing If You Can, Killer Karaoke airs on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. 

“You gotta keep singing no matter what, it’s the only uh, suggestion,” Steve-O told John Barrowman on Attack of the Show last week.

“Pretty much everybody’s afraid of the stuff that he have on here. I would be personally terrified.”
I like the electrocution challenge. We take these horrible dog shock collars, we strap them to their limbs, we turn them all the way up and we electrocute the hell out of them while they’re singing.”

What do you think?

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