Thousands of Facebook Users Fell For ‘Win $1M For Sharing This Post’ Powerball Trick

nolan-daniels-fake-ticketA man claiming to have just won $588 million in the lottery wrote that he would give $1 million to one lucky Facebook user who shared the post.

And share they did, over 707,000 times, not knowing that the man, Nolan Daniels, is a complete liar who couldn’t be bothered to photoshop the Powerball numbers in the right order.

One particularly eye-opening entry in the comment section was even worse than the hoax itself.

“Hey I shared and liked it! :) I heard rumors that the winner was black… but I much rather know it was you!” Alisa Willingham wrote. 

Lesson learned:  Nolan is going the hell, but only the first circle (limbo) whereas racist no-gooder Alisa is going to the outer ring of the seventh (violence).

5 thoughts on “Thousands of Facebook Users Fell For ‘Win $1M For Sharing This Post’ Powerball Trick

  1. Actually Hallie, the about statement from Michael is true although its pretty clear that you and a whole lot of other people want to believe that my comment is racially charged. It’s should be pretty obvious when you take into consideration the context by looking at my initial comment only a few comments up “Hmmm… I’m calling your bluff!” which was then immediately followed by Nolan’s statement about anyone not believing it would not be considered for the random drawing. So I then proceeded to comment saying “Hey, I like and shared it” aka I’m playing along with your game. The next part is very important since it looks like everyone clearly put their own version of the truth out there. I then proceeded to state a simple fact that earlier that morning the news showed a surveillance video of an African-American man showing everyone the winning ticket in Maryland. So in order to again call his bluff I said “I heard a rumor that the winner was black.” A rumor because it’s not yet been determined if he really was the winner yet, not because I have any issue with it but its pretty opposed that my friend is not black so again, only trying to point out the obvious to show he’s faking it. And then it was followed up with ” but I’d much rather know it was you!” which is quite alarming to know that so many people automatically put the words “because you’re not black” after that statement as opposed to the truth which was simply “because you’re my friend and you’re offering to give away a million dollars.” I’m sorry if my perhaps poorly structured statement allowed for so many people to read it in such a way that led them to believe there was some kind of racist meaning behind it but I can assure you that there is absolutely no disrespect behind my comment. Coming from a multiracial background I was always raised to respect everyone for who they are and what they represent and I can assure everyone that my actions are definitely not motivated by the kind of hate that I am wrongfully being accused of. All of my friends, family and people whom know me all know that I’m a very loving and accepting person and its pretty upsetting to know that people out there are thinking the worst of me which is really the complete opposite of my true character. I am pretty sure that most people that read this will not accept it as the truth but I feel as such lies are being spread about my character that I should at least put the truth out there so people have the opportunity to read it and make up their own minds about the meaning behind that post.


    1. I believe that you are not racist at all and that poor wording was to blame. It’s just that, considering so many people commented on that post, nobody knew that was your actual friend or that “I heard the winner was black” directly followed by “I’d much rather know it was you” wasn’t some sort of bizarre social commentary on race.

      The story of Nolan will become completely irrelevant momentarily, and you can go back to not being persecuted.

      (Sorry for saying you’re going to hell.)


    2. BITCH YOU IS RACIST!!! Hey guess what you saw a PERSON on that surveillance photo why does it have to even matter that they were black. Don’t talk like that and the then there is no chance you’ll be misrepresented when things are taken out of context. PLUS you fell for an obvious scam.You didn’t say, hey, glad it’s you… You said you would RATHER have him win vs. the man on tape(who you saw as simply ‘a black man’).. Just shove some Immodium AD up your ass so your verbal diarrhea will stop.


  2. Racial hypersensitivity seems to be at an all time high…this friend of Nolan’s is obviously calling him out on his prank saying that the actual person that won is supposedly a black man which he is obviously not. And look at her pic; she’s no white girl…


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