Deja Hugh – Hefner To Marry Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris Hugh Hefner creepyHugh Hefner is having an especially dick-raising, money draining week. Not only is he hurting his back watching the help put up Christmas decorations around the mansion, he’s engaged to Crystal Harris for the second time!

Refresher – their first wedding was meant to occur in June of 2011 but Harris retreated in fear when Hef tweeted her a sexy photo what she thought was his wrinkled taint (it was really just of him winking).

Okay, so that’s not exactly what happened. No one knows Harris’ exact reason for bailing the first time. Could be the taint wink, could be that the prenup and will weren’t impressive enough. 

We do know that the runaway bride went on Howard Stern and shit talked the hell out of PlayGramp, saying she wasn’t “turned on” by him, and that they only had sex once and he lasted for seconds. There were also rumors that she cheated on him with Dr. Phil’s son.

The ceremony is supposedly going to be on New Year’s Eve. No one can accuse Hef of not spacing out his marriages (first: 1949, second: 1989, third and final: 2012).

WHAT 60 Year Age Difference??

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