Question: Who Has More Talent Than ‘The X-Factor’ Group Emblem3? (Answer: Everyone)

drew-chadwick-and-Wesley StrombergAs a viewer of both The Voice and X FactorI can effectively say that it’s easy to find flaws in the format, especially when the contestants can’t sing.

This applies to one of mentor Simon Cowell’s two remaining X Factor groups, hideous vocal trio Emblem3.

The judges on The Voice would NEVER turn their chairs for these no-talent, Good Charlotte-sounding douche factories.

I would say that “America” is voting based on looks alone if all four judges didn’t shower them with praise every week after each grade school talent show-worthy cover from brothers Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick. Apparently I’m just clueless. 

Two of these guys look Nick Carter and Aaron Carter if their mother ate cyanide-covered meth rocks out of a Better Cheddars box while she was pregnant.

“We needed to get away from all this stuff for a little bit so we took off and went to the skate shop and picked up some new boards,” one member told cameras in a behind-the-scenes segment before their tedious unplugged performance of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”
Keaton Stromberg shirtlessDrew Chadwick shirtlessWesley Stromberg shirtless
Ladies, turn your ovaries up for the worst singers to ever make it this far on a major televised singing competition. I don’t know what that scar is from but I wish the shark had eaten you.

The only people left who don’t deserve to win X Factor U.S. are Emblem3 and non-crossover country artist Tate Stevens (I’m pulling for CeCe Frey and Carly Rose Sonenclar).
Shine bright like a dumbass. #ForeverSuck #ToolboxThursday #DoucheAwards #OutOfTheLoop

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7 thoughts on “Question: Who Has More Talent Than ‘The X-Factor’ Group Emblem3? (Answer: Everyone)

  1. Since this was about their X-Factor preformances I’m obviously really late on this but I don’t really care. You are obviously stupid and quite unhappy with your life when you have to trash talk these boys on the internet. They have amazing talent and good intentions. They didn’t do this because they’re some douche bags trying to get famous, they love music and wanted to share their love with everyone else. Also they have a great message they send to everyone. another thing is that they have a great organization called Team Inspire which they use to inspire people to be the best that they can be or to even just brighten someones day. It’s amazing what they have done with it. Also all the money they raise with it goes towards MS research because their aunt has it and she is the woman who inspired them to be the people they are today. So how about before you start trash talking people you don’t even know or saying that “the shark should have ate him” you should learn a little about them. so how about you keep your little negative comments to yourself.


  2. Well, whoever wrote this (I didn’t care enough to look) has just proven anyone with no idea about talent but who has a computer can post an opinion.


  3. they are better then those 13 yr old tramps on the show who sing like sluts and that ho girls group on their, they give lesbians like me a bad rap.


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