Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television

Eric Andre Attack of the show Don’t Trust The B— In Apt 23 actor Eric André is here to completely shatter Tracy Morgan’s reputation as the most unpredictable talk show guest in history. On December 5, André visited G4’s soon-to-be-off-the-air tech program Attack of the Show to sort of talk about acting.

The interview was conducted by his longtime friend, Michael Kosta, who brought up André almost getting banned from Instagram because of his affinity for… tucking it back. 
Eric Andre penis shortsEric Andre mangina
He began taking off his overshirt and stripped down to his boxers (which had a giant white penis drawn on them), then proceeded to demonstrate his penis-tucking, mangina-exposing abilities in an unforgettable moment in censorship history.
Candace Bailey Eric AndreEric Andre Candace Bailey
The entire screen in the live show earlier in the day was almost completely blurred out, and the effect is slightly lost in the blacked-out YouTube version, but it’s still hilarious to see co-host Candace Bailey run on stage to put her hand over his shorts while laughing and crying hysterically.

Fellow comedian/actor TJ Miller appeared on the same show the day after and succumbed to the pressure of the audience of crew members chanting “penis” at him.
His special moment involves an unfortunate Christmas tree (and Miller’s pale white ass).

6 thoughts on “Eric Andre Exposes Himself on National Television

    1. I will do what I want to do. Others should be allowed to do the same.
      It would be wise for you to shut your abominable, froward, naughty, godless , bitter, perverted , corrupt mouth so you did not defile your soul. Don’t do that, see the gates of heaven as the gates of hell. I kid you not.

      Consider the verses below for all of them describe you.

      Proverbs 6:12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth
      Pro 4 24,Put away from thee a froward mouth, and perverse lips put far from thee.
      KJV, Proverbs 3, 32For the froward is abomination to the LORD,
      Pro 12; 22Lying lips are abomination
      King James Version
      1 Timothy 6 >>5Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness
      King James Version
      Hebrews 12:15; Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.
      A bitter person will have bitter words.
      Isaiah 59 >>3For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
      Mark 7 >> 15There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man.

      Pro 19 1Better is The poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lip,and and is a fool,


      1. Why don’t you take your evangelist self to a web site that is not a gossip fashion website. As a reader I don’t need to hear your propaganda. You need to go back on your meds. I’m surprised they let you have this much time using the net at the mental institute.


      2. Goblin : Where do I start? The devil is the giver of what you give. Think about that. Goblin is the religious one for hating even one part of Eric Andre because the one part is connected to his whole body. That part is on your body too. That means you hate yourself, how sad. Religious people hated Jesus, and lazerus. That makes Eric Andre the religious one waring against what God made, that is sad. God sent me to call sinners to repentance. Gossip GOSSIP what GOSSIP. am I whispering? . I am telling you what the the lord wants all to hear. What I say no religion will as I know of will teach. I give you verses that are from the KJV clearly saying the condition of the soul who spoke to me, and you say I give propaganda?: Your body that dies pisses, and shits out the gifts God gives to all. Not much better exists your mouth.


  1. We wrestle not with fleshg, and blood , but against the principalities of darkness in high places. That square represents that evil darkness wanting to obscure what God made, put it in jail if you will out of our sight. Devils in bodies that die tremble at the sight of an organ that can make life. Devils seeing them is like looking into the face of God being hell to them. Therefore every dark thought that is at the disposal of demons are used to degraded them in the sight of men compelling them to enact laws to justify the hiding of them from their sight as much as they can.


  2. Eric Andre removed his man made covering. Big honking deal. Lets all be reborn to be like a humble child removing the clothing from us like a snake sheds its skin. The skin on the snake is naked. People have had an unhealthy attitude about their own body. The people that are destroyed have a dead soul being wide eyed in horror because Eric Andre removed his dead clothing. The peoples might as well be looking at the light of God shining on them wanting the shield put back on the body so they are not consumed by the nude persons brightness.


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