One Direction Band Members Jealous of Heathrow Haylor

Heathrow Haylor 1Taylor Swift is to One Direction what Yoko Ono was to The Beatles, a source tells the The Sun. According to them, Taylor is Yoko-y because Harry Styles “ditched” his bandmates in favor of a cozy private plane ride with his new girlfriend.

The article also makes a point of mentioning that Liam Payne suffered painful injuries at Heathrow airport after fighting through aggressive fans.

Five dollars on the anonymous source actually being one of the guys from One Direction.

I mean, think about it… Harry is off on a private plane having sex inside the luggage compartments and on top of the propellers with sober Ke$ha while the other four are getting their corneas scratched by girls they can’t even sleep with.

But dear god, everyone in the Beatles went solo by choice and it was Mark David Chapman, not Yoko fucking Ono, who made a reunion impossible when he shot John Lennon in the lung.

One Direction may be British and very popular, but a third-place spot on The X Factor and two CDs hardly translates to most successful band of all time.
Taylor Swift Yoko OnoSwifty’s new single, “I’m Not Yoko Ono” from the album I Am Jennifer Grey drops in January, 2014.

(Taylor’s got One Direction while Lindsay Lohan works on tearing The Wanted apart).

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