Amanda Bynes Posts Faceless ‘No Candy Diet’ Photos

Amanda Bynes no candy diet 2Today in Instagram photos, Oprah plays with eggs that aren’t Gayle King’s, and Amanda Bynes gets a few steps closer to never recovering her marbles.

Bynes’ Instagram account (@amandabynes4386) popped up in November, and was semi-verified by Amanda herself. I say this because I can’t believe these recent photos aren’t the work of say, a hacker. I’ve always been one of the few who thought she was more talented than Lindsay Lohan (it’s inarguable that she had a longer career, pre-crazy), and I really don’t want her to be this insanely random and smutty. 

Above we see sideways cleavage, which come with the inspiring words “On that no candy diet.” 

Fruity McBoobs followed up with another picture of with a red hue and the caption “Watermelon diet.” Most viewers seemed confused, responding with questions like “How does this show a watermelon diet??” and “is that the inside of your vag?”
Amanda Bynes watermelon dietWhat do you make of this? Did she have an epiphany after crashing into a Jolly Rancher factory?

What do you think?

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