Another Elementary School Shooting, Another Day to Not Talk About Gun Control

Connecticut shooting 2012Nearly 30 people, including at least 20 children, were gunned down this morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut just three days after the Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon.

News outlets, politicians and the Twitter/Reddit/Facebook generation are bringing their boxing gloves to the table today either in favor, or against a forum on stricter laws regarding guns. In one corner, we have men and women who, at some point, felt threatened enough by their surroundings to “need” a gun or two to “survive,” standing by others from rural red counties who were taught to hunt and clean a rifle at age seven. 

“Let’s be clear. Supporting gun control doesn’t make me anti-gun anymore than supporting speed limits makes me anti-car.” Darrin Stephens

These are, mostly, the types of people (whose ideals were passed on from their parents and their parents’ parents before them) defending firearm ownership and saying, on repeat, that now is not the time to start a discussion.

“If any other plague was leaving piles of dead bodies all over the country, including children, our country would figure it out.” David Carr

They also make it sound like the ones who do want to talk about gun control are not being respectful or sympathetic towards the victims, that this would happen no matter what, and that “guns don’t kill.”

Connecticut school shooting horrific“We don’t need thoughts. We need action. We need to politicize this, and we need to politicize this now.” –Katie J.M. Baker, Jezebel

I’m just not sure what’s so wrong with wanting to prevent school shootings? Putting the measures in place to keep assault rifles out of moody, impulsive hands is exactly what needs to happen.

Honestly, fuck you for saying otherwise. The validity of your argument is nonexistent.

“It does not honour the dead to insist that there must be no room in that space for rational thought and critical appraisal.” – Gary Younge, The Guardian

God forbid we actually admit that our country isn’t perfect and try to change. I mean, I figured these preventative measures would only be awful for guys who like killing children with automatic weapons, but apparently the very thought is giving everyone denial cough with a side of guilt rash.

Today is the perfect day to talk about it. Nobody kills 26 people with a goddamn knife. Think about it.

If mental health is the issue, then we still need to figure out how to make it harder for mentally unstable people to acquire guns.

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