Video: The Killers – “Here With Me” (Feat. Winona Ryder)

Tarantino has Uma, Scorsese has De Niro, and Burton has Johnny and Winona. Ryder hasn’t appeared in the flesh for a Tim Burton-directed feature since 1990. “Here With Me” gets fans a fraction closer.

Brandon Flowers and The Killers enlisted Burton to direct this nearly five-minute long video about a sometimes blonde/sometimes brunette starlet, her fan, and a wax figure. 
Winona Ryder baldFact: This is The Killers’ third music video from Battle Born in the past two weeks.
Winona Ryder Here with Me diner Winona Ryder Wax figure The Killers Wax Winona Read: A Pictorial Retrospective of the Coolest Goddamn Chick of the 90s

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