Simon Cowell’s Money Buys Playboy Playmate – ‘The X Factor’ Judge Confirms Romance With Carmen Electra

Simon Cowell Carmen Electra datingSimon Cowell and Carmen Electra have been rumored lovers since they were photographed on a dinner date in September, and last week on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Cowell said they are dating, but not exclusively.

She’s not my girlfriend,” Simon explained. “We’re people who date. She’s adorable, isn’t she?”

Electra supposedly sat in The X Factor audience and was showered with kisses between every commercial break and also used the word “adorable” to describe Simon (along with “cute,” “cool,” and “sweetheart”) in November.

53-year-old Simon of the bare-chested lobster Conservative party of Los Angeles and London, has boned a makeup artist for Idol and Kylie Minogue’s sister in the past, while 40-year-old Carmen has enjoyed the penises of Dennis Rodman, Prince and Dave Navarro. Time to DTR.

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