Merry Christmas From Barbados!

Rihanna Christmas cardI’m not in Barbados, you’re not in Barbados, we’re all not in Barbados. Except for Rihanna, who wants you to know that she’s there, soaking up the sun and enjoying the holidays and Caribbean Dream chronic on a wicker chair.

I honestly can’t say that I’m jealous. She may be avoiding the eggnog-related car crashes and last-minute shoppers, but she’s also with her family. And that’s where I am too. Christmas is always great because I get to go to the movie theater, eat sugar in excess, open presents and spend time with the people I love in the same day. Honestly, what could be better than listening to my mom read eccentric New York Times articles about frogs? 

Enough schmaltz. Here’s Big Boi reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Enjoy your plum hangover! 

One thought on “Merry Christmas From Barbados!

  1. marychristmas Bitches and to all a goodnight lets throw a fity in the air just act like you donts care familys are lame and fuck chirstmast


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