Kevin Federline’s Brother Says Britney Spears Stole His Credit Card and Had His Baby

Christopher FederlineThe National Enquirer is reporting an absolutely bonkers story about K-Fed’s surprisingly okay-looking brother Christopher and Britney Spears.

In papers filed earlier this month, Christopher Federline claims Britney stole his Capital One card out of his wallet to buy comics for her sons, one of whom Chris claims is his.

According to him, a temporary restraining order is necessary because they had sex seven years ago and she’s still terrorizing him by racking up over $4,000 in Betty Boop and Archie comics.

What an insensitive father. I mean, you’d think he wouldn’t mind her spoiling their son with G-rated reading material. 

Christopher is a humble guy who says that Britney was threatening to “tell the world” that he’s the true father” of Sean Preston, which he didn’t want because it’s not the public’s business.

Also not the public’s business: Britney telling him he has a small penis. But somehow, we know! Gasp. Thank god the judge threw out the case, officially putting a “lunatic” stamp on Federline scum #2.

This reminds me of another story. Remember the man who tried to sue Justin Bieber for stealing his credit card to buy a $400 penis? But that was American Express, so it can’t be the same guy.

What do you think?

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