It’s Been A Bad, Bad Year For Katt Williams – Comedian Arrested For Child Endangerment

People Katt WilliamsAnd lost cause of the year award goes to… Lindsay Lohan. But after Lindsay it definitely goes to Katt Williams, who just spent a night in jail after cops raided his home and found his four kids were surrounded by guns and drugs.

As the 5’5″ stand-up behind The Pimp Chronicles, Katthouse and Pimpadelic sauntered out of jail, he asked the paparazzi the rhetorical question, “How do you keep kids safe without guns?”

If that was too straight-out-of-NRA-VP-Wayne-LaPierre’s-press-conference-notes for you, Williams also said that he’s “not in a gang” so it shouldn’t make a difference if his preteen kids are sporting AKs and bullet belts.

Here’s a 2012 timeline of ghetto-fab Katt Williams’ moments…

  • Nov. 9Sued for $5 million for allegedly punching his former assistant
  • Nov. 15Arrested in Oakland for beating and pointing a gun at an 18-year-old boy
  • Nov. 29Failed to show up for one of the two nights he was booked to perform at the Paramount in Seattle. On the second night, he hit a fan in the head with a mic
  • Dec. 2Kicked out of a Marriott for filling the halls with pot smoke
  • Dec. 7 – Arrested for not pulling over for the cops and [nearly] hitting five people while riding a three-wheeled motorbike

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