Kathy Griffin Sniffed Anderson Cooper’s Nuts on Live Television

Anderson Cooper Kathy Griffin New Years 2012Kathy Griffin bent over and kissed Anderson Cooper‘s crotch in
an effort to top 2011’s New Year’s Eve special on CNN. She may be the FCC’s nightmare, but Time Warner/CNN must love Griffin’s antics, considering they keep hiring her.

The ketchup to Anderson’s salt said, “I’m going to tickle your sack” as he pushed her away like a little sister with an incestual crush.

He tried to change the subject and pretend like Kathy was talking about something PG, like a sack full of Christmas presents, but she just wasn’t having it. 

After a segment about a tradition in small town Maine where locals kiss a giant sardine, Kathy couldn’t resist planting a big one on her co-host’s pants.

Anderson: “Did you drop something?” .

Kathy: “No, I was kissing your sardine … I can do it again, I can do this all night long.”

Anderson: “No, sweetie,”

Kathy: “You know you want to.”

Anderson: “Believe me, I really don’t.”
Kathy Griffin BJAnderson and Kathy

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