NO ONE Sings The National Anthem Like Beyonce

Beyonce Obama InaugurationBeyonce is garnering perfect reviews across the board after effortlessly performing the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration earlier today. Gawker described her voice as “more heavenly than a thousand Hallelujah choruses,” and I can’t really disagree.

Her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is comparable only to the one that lady sang at the Panthers vs. Patriots Super Bowl in 2004. Oh oh, that was Beyonce too? Never mind.

Singing this is easier for her than talking, addition problems for preschoolers, or stealing sugar-free candy from Paula Deen’s purse while she’s window shopping for butter. 

The performance was so beautiful that Joe Biden’s hard squinting could almost be mistaken for pride, which is an actual emotion.
Jay-Z and Beyonce inaugurationObama Michelle Inauguration 2013
Look at these adorable pictures of the music-world versions of Barack and Michelle and the real thing. I nominate Beyonce to replace retiring Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, instead of John Kerry.

He’s cool and all and I like that his wife can turn water into ketchup like Jesus, but can he sing?

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