Things Are Heating Up Between Lindsay Lohan and Max George, Or She’s Stalking Him Harder

Lindsay Lohan Max George instagramI wasn’t even aware that Lindsay Lohan and The Wanted’s Max George were a real item.

Apparently I’m still living on last year’s news, when Lindsay was peering from behind trees and garbage cans outside The Wanted’s tour bus in hopes of catching a glimpse of him, or taking photos she could later hire someone to edit her face and body into.

I’m also blindly hoping there’s a Goldschlager’s flake of dignity left in her. She did, after all, reportedly turn down $550,000 to fall on her sequined ass on Dancing With The Stars. Girl needs the money so I’m not sure if that’s dignity or stupidity.


Off track again, Lindsay posted a photo on Instagram of her and Max in the same room, looking surprised. Still not sure what the difference between him and Mark Salling is. Jog my memory? Oh yeahhh. Mark can sing and play guitar.

I don’t like piecing together clues to discern whether or not people are dating, because they always are. See Chris Brown and Rihanna. The “clue” is that he’s in her bed face down on some Simpson’s crap. Then she’s like “It ain’t nobody’s business, but yes, we are.”
Lindsay Lohan Max George hanging outMax Geroge Lindsay 1 small
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