Adele’s Publicity-Obsessed Dad Begs For Forgiveness

Mark Evans - Father of Adele Adkins.When Adele was two years old, her father, a booze-addicted plumber named Mark Evans (who sort of looked like Dave Coulier), abandoned her and her mother.

With years of maturity and success, she slowly began to forgive him. Then she learned he sold a story about her to The Sun and told Vogue in early 2012 that she would “spit in his face” if she ever saw him again, and the possibility of forgiveness was forever shattered.

Now, because continuing to talk to the press is totally the best way to get back in her good graces, Evans is telling the Daily Mail that he is completely devastated about not being able to talk to his daughter or meet his son-in-law and grandchild. 

Here’s how Mark is feeling in general:

It breaks my heart that Adele is so hell-bent on cutting me off like this. I knew she had met her new fella … but it young adelewas a bolt out of the blue when I found out she was expecting.

His opinion on what she should have named her baby, instead of the “Very L.A.” Angelo James:

If only she’d called him John [after her late grandfather]. That would have meant so much to me.

And what activities he’d involve little Angelo in if Adele would stop ignoring him for no reason:

I want to do all the granddad stuff with him – feed the ducks in park, skim pebbles in the sea, splash around in the surf.

And then there’s all the music we could listen to together. I’d play him my old blues records and sing him lullabies to help him close his eyes at bedtime.

We may not be hearing from Mark for several days due to the fact that he’s attending the annual WORST PARENTS CONVENTION alongside Kit Culkin, Ronald Fenty and Dina Lohan.
Adele as a babyYoung Adele blonde
Adele as a baby and pre-teen with deadbeat Dave Coulier/Rod Stewart/Ron Howard/Will Patton

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