Supermodels In Super Bowl Commercials? Who’d Have Thunk It

Kate upton super bowl adDon’t you just love the internet? You can read about and make fun of things, get made fun of, cry, watch a webcam of a lady sitting on a cake, oh, and you can also watch Super Bowl ads that haven’t aired yet, so you’ll laugh less when you actually see them on television. Two that are making the rounds today are for GoDaddy and Mercedes-Benz.

“Soul” has “plus-size” model Kate Upton and Usher appearing in a man’s fantasy about owning a Mercedes. With the help of some sharp sharp fingernails, William Dafoe plays the devil.

In “Perfect Match” we cannot unsee Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli kissing a pudgy, red-faced nerd played by “World’s Greatest Extra” Jesse Heiman.

Before you go, let me tell you a little something about GoDaddy…

You may know them for their use of sexed-up Danica Patrick in the shower, but I know them for filling my email inbox up with spam messages reminding me that domain names are 33% off.

Yes, I use their service and would not recommend it to anybody.

Seconds after you decide against purchasing something from them (like if you leave it in your cart, for instance), they will actually call you on the phone to talk to you about it.
Bar Refaeli super bowl commercial

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