Baby Dracula Has Fully Drained Denise Richards

Denise Richards spends some quality family time with her daughters in Bel Air! Denise Richards took her three children out for some ice cream this weekend. Or two of them ate ice cream while the youngest, Eloise, feasted on what’s left of her mother’s circulatory system.

I’ve seen year-old French Bread that was softer than those withered limbs. Swing that thing the wrong way and it either disintegrates or takes someone’s eye out. It’s hard to tell without feeling it in the aquarium touch pool.

That kid she’s holding is a vampire with the worst kind of luck. The luck of living with a green drink-loving pilates master when all she needs is Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

5 thoughts on “Baby Dracula Has Fully Drained Denise Richards

  1. I’m all for making jokes an all. But this article got me out of my bed at late ours of the night.
    I had an eating disorder in middle school and still have urges. TO make fun of someones body is not cool at all. You should be ashammed of what you do to people that you’re not even friends with. This is deporable of you.


    1. Are you telling me I should only make fun of people I know? And you’re the one saying she has an eating disorder. I was clearly just making fun of vampires and pilates.


      1. Dont’ try and back track now. Show guts… If your
        re going to Right something stick to it. Don’t just pretend that
        you don’t make fun of the handicapable as I call myself. This
        is something we who have Eating disordres. She obviously has
        one like me. I love her and her Courage!


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