Pitch Perfect Come to Life: Japanese Pop Star Punished for Sleeping with Boy Band Member

Minami Minegishi shaved headJapanese popstar Minami Minegishi, 20, broke the cardinal pop group rule: never sleep with a boy band member.

Japanese tabloids published a story of AKB48 member, Minami Minegishi spending the night with her boyfriend Alan Shirahama, a dancer of boy band, Exile. After some begging, the singer was kept on the team but demoted to a “trainee pop star” for the band cash cow girl group AKB48.

Get this – the band is a rotating group of 90 girls who just train to dance, pout and squish their boobs together.

You gotta give Minegishi credit for being on trend, the poor starlet shaved her head and gives a teary apology letter to four million Youtube fans. 

AKB48 is one of the highest earning musical acts in the world and in 2011, they had record sales of over US$200 million in Japan alone. Their marketability comes from their innocence so they are only allowed to have “one sided feelings for boys” but can’t consummate the relationships.

Considering many of their videos feature bikini dancing, panty upskirts in school girl uniforms, I’d say this is the pinnacle of the Japanese restraint on their overt sexuality. It’s like those girls who you have sex with who pretend they hadn’t been served dong before and are all like ” I’m not good at this”. Gah, moving on.

Now the Spice Girls never got with the Backstreet Boys and see how well everyone turned out? (Except Nick Carter).

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