Lewis Hamilton Buys Private Jet to See More of Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis hamilton nicole scherzingerIf you were a Formula 1 Race Driver who just signed a $94 million contract with Mercedes would you rather a) buy a $47 million private jet to see your girlfriend across the world or b) spend $1 million on whores to dress up like your girlfriend. See this is the difference between true romantic Lewis Hamilton and Charlie Sheen.

The 28-year old race car driver splashed out on a private jet so he could see his former Pussy Cat Doll and shiteous solo artist Nicole Scherzinger. See ladies, all it takes to supremely whip a man is exotic Eurasian- Indian looks and the leadership skills to shoot seven strippers to stardom.

Hamilton lives in Monaco while Scherzinger lives in L.A. The new private jet means they won’t have to wait in long airport lines and can see each other at a quicker pace without all those annoying 109 other dead weight commercial passengers on board the same aircraft.

Nicole allegedly spends all her X-Factor change on visiting her boyfriend in private jets.
Lewis hamilton plane It’s alleged that the F1 champ actually got a bargain by taking delivery of the jet at the Isle of Man Airport last month where island authorities charge less tax than on the mainland.

Who says love don’t cost a thing? Oh yeah, this chick.
Lewis Hamilton jet

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