Super Bowl 2013: Destiny’s Child Went On, The Power Went Out… The Ravens Won

Joe Flacco trophyFrom a blackout (which would’ve been the 49ers’ MVP if they’d won) that was either caused by Ray Lewis’ tears or Beyonce’s hairdryer, to a near San Francisco comeback, Super Bowl XLVII turned out to be pretty eventful.

Here’s a late breakdown:

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that a commercial featuring a baby Budweiser Clydesdale somehow made me cry more than Jennifer Hudson’s performance with 26 children from Sandy Hook elementary.

Alicia Keys (who should have switched with J-Hud) sat at her piano and gave us the jazzy low-risk version of the National Anthem. 

With the Ravens leading 28 points to 6 at halftime, everyone was bored and anticipating something great. Like Oz behind a smokescreen, Beyonce procured Kelly and Michelle from underground and ordered them to dance and sing to her song “Single Ladies” as she secretly
Bane Superbowl memeturned down their mics.

Everyone had something to say about the old people YOLOing for Taco Bell, shaken dubstep baby syndrome GoPro, Calvin Klein Concept (close-up of a dude’s balls with intense music) and “Montana Stain” ads.

Which was your favorite? I understand if you can’t answer because Betty White wasn’t in any of them.

P.S: I called that win here —–> 5 Things To Know About Super Bowl XLVII

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